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Saturday, 31 December 2011

DAY 268-ROLL ON 2012!

Hi Everyone!

Just a short post as I hope to post again later!

A big welcome to Lynda H! Lovely to have you as a follower of my blog. Hope you can comment from time to time! :) I love reading them.

Just to wish everyone who reads the rambles that are SFT's blog a 


On reflection: 2011 has been a good year for us, yes financially but more importantly health and family wise. Thank you 2011!

ROLL ON THE MIGHTY 2012-I know it's strange but I just love the look of this year date 


I've been looking forward to this year for a while! Lots of wonderful things to look forward to.


Sft x

Friday, 30 December 2011


We may be on holiday but Money Saving and Frugal Living are always very much on my mind!

2012 is the big year so lets start the plan rolling:

We have 12 months to save £19,617!

 Why? We need Roughly £6,000 for our amazing trip to Botswana 

and £13,600 ish to pay off  the rest of the mortgage.

So I've joined Carla's NO SPEND 2012 challenge http://halfdozendaily.blog.com/no-spend-2012/

Here are the details:

Who: Sft and Mr Sft to live on a *very* tight budget for one full month. 
When: January 1st till the 31st, 2012!!
Why: I have 12 months to save £20,000-Roughly £6,000 for our amazing trip to Botswana and £13,600 ish to pay off  the rest of the mortgage.
How: By cutting back, making do, using what we have in our freezer, cupboards, fridge, enjoying free /low cost activities, enjoying what we have at home, etc..

I encourage anyone who wants to save some money to join in!

SFT'S Rules

1. Track purchases! Write down every single penny we spend!

2. Continue with my “sealed pot challenge”. Any coins smaller than 50p go into my pot!

3. Menu plan 

4. Find free / cheap activities to have fun!

5. Focus on simplicity, organizing/donating/tossing.

6. Medicines/medical care doesn’t count. If something comes up -we need meds, I’m buying them.

7. No “pre-stocking-up”. 


Hi Everyone!

A big welcome to Kendra and Gill who are following my blog. It's fantastic that you are leaving comments already!

Well it's day 4 of our holiday in Cornwall and the heavens have opened!

From the moment we got up it has been raining cats and dogs.

So we hatched a cunning plan. 

Take a little bit of this:

Mix with a little bit of that:

And what do you get!

An cosy afternoon in the cinema watching the Latest Sherlock Holmes adventure (Mr Sft's choice but I loved it!)

Tonight we are watching a classic film in our room. 

We'll be sitting on camping chairs, drinking cider and watching the computer screen, complete with speakers for sound. 

Singing in the Rain might be an obvious choice!

Until Tomorrow!

Sft x

Thank you for your comments about yesterday's post:


Creations and Inspirations: Welcome!

Jo: Yes, this hostel has had a facelift, although it was lovely before too. Earache is still lingering unfortunately.

Sandra: Yes, this hostel is lovely. And it's not alone but other hostels are needing a bit of TLC. They have a great website so you can research them before you go. Sorry this post was not very exciting-blame the great British weather.

1001thingstodo: Yes, hostels do vary, always best to check them out on the website. But there are some beauties too. I'll give you a wave in Exeter as we return.

Ege Denne; So you have Liebster awards in Norway too? Where did they start from? Germany perhaps? Happy New Year to you too.

Gillibob: You are on the sealed pot challengers list and I've added your goal. No Youth Hostel in Helston, I'm in Penzance and the one at Lizard Point is a beauty! Thanks for the recommended walks. Will add them to our list, for when we return and there is better weather.
Yes, hoping to achieve more London goals when the weather improves, from March onwards. You were very lucky seeing the Trooping of the Guards from Inside! Wow!
Gill that British Woman or should I say Lady!: Good to hear you're be putting the sealed pot on your blog. I'll put TBC next to your name to say to be confirmed. I will work on a link list but it may take some time. Some challengers don't have blogs, just follow mine and others.

Meanqueen: Oh, how right you are when talking about the variety of hostels. We've stayed at some beauties: Hartington Hall is like a hotel and many more tired venues, but they've all had charm. Never stayed in a city hostel so I can see what you are saying about the clientèle.

Thursday, 29 December 2011


Hi Everyone!

And a big welcome to Bambibella and Lisa Richardson! Thank you for following my blog and I do hope you will comment from time to time! Reading comments is fantastic!
Anyone wishing to join the SEALED POT CHALLENGE (see the information at the side) just let me know and I'll add you to the list!

Also a big thank you to Kim and Miss Piggy Bank for their Liebster awards.


Kim: http://lavenderainbows.blogspot.com/
Kim is such a great person, who prioritizes family over everything. She has worked tremendously hard to pay down her debts too.

Miss Piggy Bank: http://emptypiggybank.blogspot.com/
MPB is a lovely mum of 1, who likes to get the most from her hard earned money. She's even started shopping for 2012 Christmas presents!

Both of these ladies have been a wonderful source of support and without them and other dear followers we wouldn't be where we are today!

So now I have to nominate. And I am restricted to bloggers under 200 followers!
I  know there are some of us that have been nominated more than once, but what a compliment!

Serendipity, Raindrops and Roses: http://cazabella33.blogspot.com/

Everyday life of a working grannie and hubby and her mum Joyce. They love their little home, chickens and not forgetting 'George', Bob's cockatoo who goes to work with him every day!

Theanne and Baron: http://theanneandbaroncolormyworld.blogspot.com/
 Anne is from Florida, I just love her way of looking at life! It's quirky and unique. I think we should all grab our cameras and head out exploring the colourful world we live in! Oh, and Baron is the most gorgeous dog!

Up and Over: http://up-over.blogspot.com/
Matt is a Kiwi who is going places. He's got a great list of 101 goals. Just reading them makes me exhausted! And his blog is part frugal living and part travel journal. He's certainly goal driven and has a GSOH!

Maa's journal: http://maasjournal2.blogspot.com/
Maa is from NSW Australia, she lives with her truck driver hubby, Petal and her Jack Russell, Lucy on the outskirts of a small rural village in NSW-Australia. In her words: I keep a blog so when my memory decides to pack it in, I'll be able to look back her and reminisce!'

Yer actual: http://swedishbullshit.blogspot.com/
POLES APART: A ramble about life in the frozen northern fringe of Europe, the warm, wine-soaked West of France and the soft southern hills of Andalucia. After too many years in law, now living in Andalucia's Alpujarra region, with an elderly cocker spaniel, nervous neutered, Swedish forest cat, and wife. A Scot by birth and inclination. Play acoustic blues guitar and ukulele. Member of George Formby Society - And proud of it!

I hope you enjoy them!


Back to today!

Well I woke up with painful earache. So spent a relaxing morning having breakfast, photographing the hostel for my blog and hoping the pain relief would take effect.

After lunch it had so we changed plans, visiting the historic port of PORTLEVEN and then HELSTON, a dear little Cornish Town, with 4 charity (thrift/Op) shops. I managed to pick up 3 more Christmas cards for Mum and Dad (now have cards for them for the next 4 years) and 2 for my brother. I also bought a copy of Rosamunde Pilcher's novel: September. 

Here are the photos! 

A gorgeous Georgian Manor House now a Youth Hostel!

Adorning the staircase is a portrait of the original owner.

Chandeliers above! And look at the beautiful Georgian ceiling, the house is full of original features.

The hostel is very popular with artists and art groups, who leave pieces behind to say thank you. Here are some of my favourites:

The entrance hall

The bar and cafe

The Lounge, it has family games and computers too!

Now onto business. You pay £45 on average (depending on the time of year) for a 2 bedded room, it's cheaper the more people you have. Here is a typical room. 

Private showers are everywhere!

And if you really want to stay on a budget you can use the  modern self catering kitchen to cook ALL of your meals (and that is where you save most money-not eating out). If you want to see the UK on a budget I would recommend them. You also meet interesting, like minded people and make friends.

Self catering kitchen. It has fridges, freezers, ovens, microwaves, toasters infact everything!

Self catering eating area. Look at those flagstone tiles!


Sft x

Thank you for your comments about yesterday's post:


Gillibob-Yes, the walk is beautiful. We went the opposite way from Porthcurno because we visit the beach every New Years Day. It's just a wonderful place to start the New Year. We hope also to walk up towards the Minack Theatre and perhaps along to St Levan and back. I know what you mean about it being a different country-we're so lucky to have such beautiful scenery in the UK. 
Good to hear we share some common goals. Do you have a blog I can follow for inspiration, especially on the Mortgage Freedom goal which requires strong commitment
The 101 in 1001 days is going well. I would recommend it! Astra and Matthew have made up some brilliant lists too!
Would you like me tot add you to the Sealed Pot Challenge? It helps to have a goal as that stops fingers dipping in!
My legs are ok but my right ear aches. 

Silversewer: Glad you enjoyed the walk! Yes, we were lucky with the weather.

Sandra: The Cornish coastline is amazing.

Christine: Thanks for the link. We may well give it a visit.

Mrs No Spend: Yes, we love walking! And it's so interesting here, lots of ups and downs unlike at home.

Duchess Declutter: Slept ok but my ear aches so it could have been better. Glad you liked the photos! 

Rainbowchild: I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Cornwall. So beautiful!

Theanne and Baron: This trip wasn't really supposed to happen but Mr Sft only gets 2 weeks holiday a year so we have to make the most of it. So we asked for money towards the trip for my Birthday and for Christmas presents to cover the accommodation. It's self catering which makes it cheap. We love being outdoors, walking which is free so it's a budget holiday for sure. Don sounds just like me, as I love working out figures and numbers too!
I'll keep checking your other blog as I don't want to miss any posts.

Sue15cat: Your plans for 2012 sound so exciting! But like anything you have to plan and budget. We do the same whether it for groceries, holidays or paying off the Mortgage.

Vintagemaison: Yes, Cornwall is beautiful and we wouldn't be hear if it wasn't on a budget. (SEE COMMENT FOR THEANNE ABOVE)

Jaz: Yes the accomodation is great.

Suze: Oh, I understand that your car has to come first. Absolutely the right choice. Yes, this accommodation makes travel around the UK very affordable. Glad your enjoying the photos.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Hi Everyone!

And a BIG WELCOME TO NEW FOLLOWERS MILLY AND GILLIBOB! Hope you can leave a comment from time to time, I love reading them.

Also welcome to OUT MY WINDOW, who has joined us on the Sealed Pot Challenge. Don't forget to let us know what you are saving for!


Today has been blissful. We got a splendid night's sleep, going to bed at 9pm and not walking until 9.30am this morning. Wow!

We got moving quickly however, having breakfast (you can self cater at Youth Hostels) and making a packed lunch for our walk.

The weather forecast was sunny with some showers, the best of the time we are down here so we decided to make the most of it. We chose to walk from Porthcurno along the cliff path to Penberth. We did this walk the first time we came to Cornwall and it is breath-taking. And as you can see the weather did improve!

Leaving Porthcurno

A bit of an upwards climb to reach the cliff path

I loved this tree!

The sun breaking through, across the sea

Looking back to Porthcurno

A nice level cliff path, I wish they were all like this.

Porthcurno was where the world's first telegraph lines were laid, under the sandy beach and across the bed of the atlantic ocean and beyond


The sun is out! Here I am at Treen Cliff. I discovered an old photo of my Granny when she was a young lady, sitting on this rock with this very back view. I often wonder why she was here, my Mum doesn't know either and Granny died a long time ago.


Who know's if this film link will work!

We finally reach Penberth Cove, a tiny Cornish fishing community.

Lunch with a view!

We then walked back again! There was a little shower but we had such a wonderful time!

Had a look around Penzance Town later in the afternoon. Spend a gift voucher in Boots-3 facial washes for free!.  In the charity shops I bought a Christmas card for Mum and Dad for 10p and a book called ' The Thrift Book' for 50p. Also a blouse I can wear to school £3.75 and a skirt £3.30. That will be the last spending I do on clothes for quite a while as on 1ST JANUARY I will be starting 

Oh but no money spent on food-self catering today using food bought yesterday. Food spend remains at £37

See you tomorrow!
Sft x

Thank you for your comments about yesterday's post:

DAY 264:Cornwall Day 1

Kim: Thank you so much for nominating me. I will give the award some thought! Happy New Year too!
No Spend Days: No coins in the sealed pot yet. I should have though, I'll sort that out in a mo! Yes, Cornish beaches are beautiful.

Cathy@Home: Congratulations on the no-spend day. Hope you are rewarding yourself. I put 20p in my pot for a no-spend day. I'll add you sealed pot goal to the list.

Theanne and Baron: Thanks for the link. Yes, we are loving the scenery and also I'm still budgetting. Today I only spent £7.75!

Sue15cat: Yes, lots of Cobwebs being blown away today, our walk was so exhilarating! Can't wait to see your goals and figures for your YEAR OF LIVING FRUGALLY. We'll be doing some of that too if we want to raise £20k!

Betty: Will be taking the photos of the hostel tomorrow. They have vastly improved since we first came but they are clean and basic. The name Youth does imply its just for the young doesn't it but older couples and families come too. And most of the families are middle class, they can spot a bargain clearly!
Suze: I would recommend visiting Cornwall if you come to the UK. Sorry to hear Sydney is no longer happening. Do you have somewhere better in mind?
Christine: Where is Port Garvene? We love beautiful beaches and coves too.

Jo: Today was definitely a highlight for us. We are trying to pack as much in as possible. 

Josie; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!

Out my Window: What is your sealed pot goal?

Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Hi Everyone!

I do hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! 

I certainly did and with the risk of sounding boring, I had a sensible Christmas too.

I was proud that I resisted the urge to buy last minute gifts to 'top up' presents.

I was also proud of the control I showed about food consumption. I didn't eat pudding on either Christmas or Boxing Day. I only had a slither of my Mum's Christmas cake (obligation there, although it is delicious).

I also only drank wine on Christmas day, probably about 3 glasses.

And I was very grateful for my presents. 

But of course the best part was being with my family particularly my brother who I don't see much (he lives and works in London) and my parents.


We woke at 5am this morning to drive 360 miles to Cornwall. Of course the scenery was spectacular, particularly in the West Country and so interesting. I spotted a field full of daffodil pickers, just amazing.

We arrived in Penzance and did some supermarket shopping. Our bill came to £15 but we had enough to cover breakfasts and lunches for the next 2 days as well as a dinner. As well as some reduced priced carrots, the remainder of which we can take home with us.

We weren't sure if the Youth Hostel still provided day time access but it did so we were able to put all of our food away in the kitchen. I was delighted to see it had a freezer, we could store our freezer packs in. I was not delighted to see Mr Sft had drunk most of the milk from home and not mentioned this when in the supermarket. :(

The weather has been warm, dry but overcast. Mr Sft wanted to stretch his legs after all that driving so we headed to Sennen Cove to walk on Whitesands beach. We weren't alone but I do enjoy seeing people out exercising, walking with family/friends or their dog or even surfing. Our little white van had a tough time driving back up the hill afterwards however. :)

We decided to take the scenic route back, via Lands End (the most Westerly point in England), past the old Tin Mines at Pendeen (my great Uncle was a tin miner so we will return as I saw they had a museum there), we saw the most beautiful countryside rolling down to the cliffs, past St. Ives (a famous hot spot for artists as the light is so good) and onto Hayle. In Hayle I wanted to see if the Animal Hospital Charity shop was still there. Last year we stumbled upon it and I bought a lovely skirt and blouse, at just £1 each! In fact everything in the shop is £1 or less. Amazing! But sadly it doesn't reopen until 3rd January and we return home on the 2nd. Oh well.

As we were passing the supermarket on our return we decided to pop in for the milk. But we also picked up some amazing reductions: quality pizzas reduced from £4 to £1, parsnips (2 bags) 10p each, 4 jacket potatoes 10p, vine tomatoes 10p, fresh soup 52p and cheese, of course the milk. Mr Sft spotted we'd been charged full price for one of the pizzas and went to customer services. They gave us 'double the difference': £6 back-so I only paid £1.76 for all of the shopping. I decided I was glad Mr Sft had forgotten the milk after all.

Back at the Hostel we were greeted by the manager Paul, as old friends, which I suppose we are, we have been coming here for 6 years now. We have a lovely 4 bedded room, with a desk (which I am sitting at now) and plenty of power points. I will take photos of the hostel and rooms tomorrow.

We felt a bit tired this evening so we've had a treat dinner (I know after buying all that food-it won't be wasted) cooked by the Youth Hostel. I had the most delicious Salmon en Croute followed by part of a Chocolate torte (I gave the rest to Mr Sft). It cost £10.95 but was restaurant standard!

Our budget for food is £20 per day. We have spent £37 but have enough for tomorrow as well.

Weather wise tomorrow is supposed to be our best day so we'll be out walking with the camera. Mr Sft is keenly looking at his new ordinance survey map.

So I'll be catching up tomorrow!

Big Hugs

Sft x

P.S. I have a temporary sealed pot with me!

Thank you for your comments about my post:


Thank you Sharon, yeractual, No Spend Days, Theanne and Baron, Laura, Duchess and PFVicky for your Christmas wishes.

And all of the following lovely bloggers too!

Rainbowchild: We'll keep supporting each other!

Silver Sewer: Lots of R and R on the Cornwall menu!

Aurora: Hopefully will get to blog each day about Cornwall. 

Emma at the Log Cabin: Yes, we'll exchange email addresses soon.

Sue15cat: I so agree, Christmas and infact life is all about the people you love and making the most of the opportunities you have. IMO.

Jo: Didn't sleep a wink last night, I was so excited!

A Blessed Life: Hope work calms down for you and I don't bore you too much about Cornwall.

Canadian Saver: Not a lot of saving going on today but I do have my eyes on the prize most days. Are you joining our sealed pot challenge?

Rae: Good to see you back! Have a great time in Bude. So CLOSE!

Dannie: Yes really looking forward to 2012!

Miss Piggy Bank: Thank you so much for my Liebster award. That is so kind!

Saturday, 24 December 2011


Hi Everyone!

Well Christmas Eve is here... and I just wanted to wish everyone who follows my blog a 


We are off to Mr Sft's  parents this evening.

Then I will spend Christmas day with my family and Mr Sft will return to his.

 Boxing day we will spend together. In the evening we will be packing for Cornwall.

The next day will be an early start, we'll be leaving at 5am.

We should arrive in Cornwall at 11am ish, ready to stretch our legs with a walk on 
Sennen Beach (Matt-take note!). 

I hope to be able to blog from Cornwall. And let you know what we are up to!

But if disaster strikes and I can't I will be back on 2nd January 2012. 


Sft x

Thank you for your comments about yesterday's post:


Mr Tightwad: Oh, Happy Christmas to you too! So glad you're still following. And I've got quite a few frugal recipes ready when it is time to start our list. Thank you for your support for our challenges.

Tinyholder: That is such a great offer but we actually use ultra zoom cameras-so it can be set at an idiot proof setting for me! That why I loved our last camera, being able to take such great photos but working like an automatic. LOL!

No Spend Days: I can't express the thrill of travel full stop but Africa keeps drawing me back. Every moment brings a new surprise. Saving for such trips are hard but I know when we finally go it will be so worth it. 
Thanks for your interest in the new challenge and stay strong over Christmas!
Have a great Christmas!

Aubrey Rose: I should have got rid of these clothes as I can't fit into them any more. But then I've made a vow to not buy anymore. So if I want to wear more from my wardrobe there is only one choice to make. I do have an idea for anyone in your situation so you can still join in. The challenge will be more about fitness and health than clothes! Walking will be a BIG part of it.

Rikke: Happy Christmas. Looking forward to supporting you with your frugal living in 2012.

Piecebypiece: You are doing amazingly well with your spending and saving from coupons. I can feel  your sealed pot getting heavier and heavier! We are popping into the supermarket today-just to pick up some flowers and to see if there are any mad reductions that we can put in our freezer. Last year we got loads of stuff, but I have a feel that this year we may not be so lucky.
Good to hear your be joining our challenge!
I love your wall hanging, that elephant is just beautiful.

Betty: Oh £19 was just our contribution to Christmas! But I have saved some veggie sausages, sausage rolls and my salmon during the year. And of course using the vouchers was a bonus. Mr Sft drives as a job so he gets lot of points from T*sco garage! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Sue15cat: Thanks for all  your support this year. You are an inspiration to me.